Saturday, June 25, 2011

Princess Camp

It's a 4 year old's heaven. For real.

For the first time, I hired a Cinderella to come make an appearance on our last day of camp. She wasn't exactly the perfect Cinderella, but she was cheap, came through in a pinch, and the girls bought her hook, line and sinker.

Notice how doggie's posed in all of these pictures. This meant the world to Addy.

The girls were SO EXCITED to perform their princess dance they'd been practicing all week. Again, just the cutest! Here they are after performing. (look at who's IN Cinderella's lap)

So NOW I feel guilty because I took individual pics of all of the campers with Cinderella and need to email them to their parents. And instead I just blogged.

And I think I'm about to blog again because I now finally have the video from Mike's phone of Aiden's first steps. I really, TRULY believe that these videos are the cutest ever in the history of the earth.

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