Monday, March 5, 2012

First Team Competition 2012

I have to brag on my "other" babies, my Rising Stars.

Most of you know that we attended competition last Saturday, and that despite a couple of disappointing moments, it was overall an AMAZING day. Some pictures:

Here are the girls playing a game shortly before I danced an AWESOME victory dance.

And here's a glimpse of that victory dance.

Check out the awards they received:
RS1: 1st place jazz, 1st place contemporary, showmanship award for contemporary
RS2: 1st place novelty
RS3: 2nd place jazz, 3rd place contemporary
RS 4: 1st place contemporary, 1st place jazz
RS 5: best technique
GROUP MODERN: First pace. Holla!!!

So, basically my girls are AWESOME and THE BEST and I LOVE THEM.

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