Friday, May 11, 2012

Muffins With Mom

On Wednesday morning, Addison's class hosted "Muffins with Mom". It truly was one of the best mornings of my life. Sounds crazy, but true. The kids were all so happy and proud to serve us breakfast, and Addison and I enjoyed the time we spent cuddling while she was in my lap. Mrs. Haedge had asked each of the kids a group of questions and read the answers aloud to all of the kids and moms. Here were my answers:
Some of the funnier ones were "my mom is 68 years old" "my mom is prettiest when she goes out and parties with her friends" (!!!) "My mom likes to get a babysitter and go have dinner alone". Haha. KIDS! Then the kids put on a play... so cute. I missed the first part of it trying to get my phone to switch to video mode, and of course Addison was first.  Video should be here: (I hope)

 I love my sweet, fun, sometimes shy, sometimes crazy almost 5 year old!  She's my whole world!

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