Saturday, April 10, 2010


Last Christmas, I blogged about some of our family being in town, and referred to my Uncle Frank as "our favorite Uncle". I said I was 99.99% certain that none of the other Uncles read the blog, so I felt safe in admitting this. Well guess what? My dear Uncle John is a lurker, and commented on that certain post.


My favorite Uncle John and his wife are in town! :) We spent the afternoon in Fredericksburg yesterday and had a wonderful time. While my favorite Uncle John, Oro and Grandma went to the Nimitz museum, my mom, Melissa, all of the kids and I went to some sort of historical fort-replication-type-place. We used this time outdoors with the kids as an opportunity for a photo-shoot.

I was so excited to get home and look at the pictures on the computer. After doing so, I was a little bit disappointed because I feel like in some of these pictures there are too many shadows on the kids faces. I was called a "picture snob" today for feeling this way. Oh, well... the kids are still WAY TOO stinkin cute, and Melissa has a real knack for photography. So, I'm sure you'll still enjoy. I doubt you're all "picture snobs" like me.

The pictures (out of 200 I narrowed it down to these. ha!)

I know, I know... the pictures aren't bad at all. Maybe I AM a picture snob?? Hmm, I wonder what my photographer friends think?


Kyle, Laurel, and Elle said...

I love Addison's dress too! That's awesome. And great pictures!! I especially love all the kids in front of that door.

Hza said...

I think they turned out great. Would love to do some post-processing on 4,6 and 8.