Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh, Happy Day!

Today is the worst day ever. I'm going to tell you why, whether you like it or not. For some reason this makes me feel better... whining to whoever it is that actually reads this silly blog. So, here I go.

1. Our cat, Lucy, or as I like to call her (and will FOREVER call her after this morning), "bitch", peed on our bed this morning. WHILE I WAS IN IT. Her urine penetrated our duvet, duvet cover, sheets, WET MY LEG, and even penetrated the mattress pad, soaking our actual mattress. I'm so pissed.

2. I'm sick. Throwing up. Truth be told, I think I'm better now, but I was miserable this morning, so I'm counting this as a contributor to the worst day ever. Because vomiting + pregnancy = misery. Had to call in to work, leaving my staff high and dry. I hate having to do that.

3. Addison woke up with a dry diaper, so I put her on the potty so she'd pee before going to school. She sat for an hour. Nothing. This was the time that I was most sick, so I was running back and forth between bathrooms, sitting with her, reading her Nutcracker Noel (Lord help me, if I have to read Nutcracker Noel one more time...) and puking my brains out.

4. School starts at 9:00. We were out the door at 10:00. She still hadn't peed. And threw a fit when I suggested she wear a diaper. So she wore panties. Awesome.

5. I get to the car and see that my husband, who drove my car last, left the gas tank empty. Yellow light shining as bright as possible. I decide I'll press my luck and take Addison to school, and get gas on my way home. Great plan, until I realize, while at the gas station, that I don't have my wallet. I scrounge up enough quarters to put enough gas in to get me home.

6. When I get home, I find that our other cat, Gus, has vomited on our living room carpet. I go to clean it up, and find that we have NOTHING TO CLEAN IT WITH.

So, there you have it. Hope your day is better than mine! I really, truly mean this. I sincerely hope your day is better than mine.


Hza said...

1. LOL. I'm sorry, when it touches leg, it get's funny.

2. Yeah, I can't really "feel" your pain, but from my proximity to Em while pregnant, it sucked.

3. Preemptive "damnit".

4. Ditto.

5. I do that to Em all the time. Men feel the need to go past 'E'.

6. That is my worst nightmare.

You've hit rock bottom Sarah, the rest of the day is now gravy!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about everything that's happened to you today.
Hope you continue to feel better and that your day gets better fast!Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

sharontex said...

Oh no, Sarah. I am so sorry. That is terrible. I guess it won't get worse today!?!??!

Christina said...

I am so sorry Sarah! My solution to everything: milkshakes. Somehow they make everything better :) Well not everything but it's worth a shot!!! Big HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had days that I think must be the worst ever....thanks for reminding me that we *all* have those days!!!! And live to tell about it :)

Anonymous said...

The cat has to go. Can you even clean that up.