Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have tried and tried to capture these videos and FINALLY found success tonight! This baby boy kicks, punches, squirms. etc. way more than I remember Addison moving. His movements are so strong that I can see them through my shirt ALL THE TIME. That never happened with Addison. Her kicks were more a shift in position, say, to lodging her leg in between two of my ribs and then staying there for a couple of weeks, resulting in interior bruising that hurt like the dickens. No pain here, just crazy amazing visuals to go with the crazy amazing feeling of your baby kicking you from the womb.

I'll admit, these aren't great, and if you don't know what you're looking for, you'll miss it. He's kicking pretty much constantly during both of these videos, but the main kick or punch you can see in the first video is around :11 or :12

I have my hand on my belly at the start of this one, a.) because I wanted to illustrate that my belly is not QUITE as huge as it looks from the angle of the camera. My hand looks huge, too, and we all know I don't have huge hands. I also had my had there, because b.) the main place he was kicking at that point wad under my middle finger. He has a good kick at :13, then on the total opposite side of my tummy around :23.

Enjoy! Or be creeped out! Whichever way you want to take it!

Edited to add: hmmm.... the movement doesn't show up so great in the tiny video here on the blog :( Looks way better when I watch it on my computer. Oh, well...

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Christina said...

Aww wish I had thought to video my tummy like that!! I could totally see your belly shifting and little kicks and punches! I miss that part of pregnancy!!!! SO sweet!!!! I can't wait to meet him!!