Saturday, March 27, 2010

Helping Auntie

While I helped* Melissa paint and move into her new house, Addison and Micah played. They are so cute together, I just love it. (Hai, you'll notice I played with the exposure compensation on my camera. At least I hope you will).

And, how PRECIOUS is Annalie? SOOOO Sweet!
And another sweet pic of Addy, Annalie and GaGa

*helping: consisted of sitting my happy belly on their new couch and giving a comfort report hourly. I also sat on a chair and kept her company while she painted her bathroom. And of course I took pics of the cute kids. You're welcome, Melissa and Adam.

Congrats to the Best Family... your new home is precious and a perfect home for you guys. Keep up the hard work, you'll be living comfortably before you know it :) Love you guys!

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Hza said...

I'm crying like a proud parent. Great job with the shots in the windows!!!