Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3 weeks

...and 2 days. Sorry. With dress rehearsal, recital (and another recital tonight), I forgot to take his 3 week picture on the actual 3 week day.

Aiden's still doing great. I think he's growing longer more quickly than he's putting on the pounds, getting him closer and closer to the 100th percentile for his height, and keeping him at 50th for his weight. This is just my guess, though.

He's a mama's boy already, and there's no place he gets better sleep than with me. I can't say I mind it. It's pretty much my favorite thing to do, to cuddle and sleep with him.

His cries sound like a goat. Just wanted to put that in writing so I never forget. It's pretty funny.

He hates his car seat. Until we get going in the car, then he doesn't mind it at all. But, boy does he get mad when we put him in there.

His burping is getting better, thank goodness. We still have occasional instances where he has trouble, but they're few and far between at this point.

Addy's recital was last night (more on THAT later- it definitely deserves it's own post) and he made his stage debut when I opened the show with him in my arms. He was perfect back stage, letting Ms. Bess hold him while I ran around like crazy- and he slept the whole time.

I love my son!


Hza said...

That picture rocks. Glad to know that everything is well!!! Has Holly clicked some photos of him yet?

Sarah said...

No! How rude! ;) But we are going in the morning to have photos taken by Allison at Focal Point Photographics. She does our recital photos and offered a free session! Not gonna pass that up!