Friday, June 25, 2010

Princess Camp

If there is something better suited for Princess Addison, I challenge you to find it. I mean, come on... Princess. Camp. Gimme a break.

Here is a sampling of the outfits that Addy chose to wear to camp this week:
(in this photo she is holding the "pony car" we rewarded her with for keeping her panties dry all during camp!!!)

Here are Addison and her best friend, Erin from school, who registered for Princess Camp as well!!

And here's Addy during her performance. So cute.

With Ms. Katy, her teacher all year, and her teacher at Princess Camp. We'll miss Ms. Katy- she's moving to Houston to dance professionally with a ballet company!

After camp, we went for frozen yogurt to celebrate. So yummy!!

We are signed up for Princess Camp again in August, and I'm not sure Addy can wait that long!

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Frank Day said...

Princess camp. What a profound idea. I think the world needs more princess camps.