Thursday, June 17, 2010

Addison's First Recital

Ok. So. I've been teaching dance for twelve years now, and directing recitals for eight. And I'm not gonna lie: from the beginning, I've been looking forward to the day my own daughter would be participating. And I just have to say, as excited as I was for this time to come, I am 100% sure that Addison was more excited. Recital MADE HER LIFE.

Dress Rehearsal was on Monday. As soon as she put her tutu on, she turned into a diva. "Mama, I need more lip make-up" was just one of the things she said to me that night. It cracked me up! She totally knew how to pose for pictures, too, which was really funny to me as well...

Here are a couple of pictures of her performing at Dress Rehearsal:

The ending pose!

She was so cute watching all of the other dancers as well. She followed her cousin Abigail around a lot, and wanted to dance with her when it was her turn. She also (and this really was precious to me) would yell "GO JUNIOR RISING STARS!!!" when my team was performing. She went to class with me every week when I would direct those girls, and it was obvious that she feels close to them. So cute. When it came time for Mike to take her home, she said, "BUT I LOVE IT HERE!"

Recital was the next day, and boy, was she ready. Here we are backstage before the show:

Addy onstage before the show.

All lined up, ready to take the stage!

Right after the show :)

It wasn't until dinner afterward that I realized we didn't get a family photo. This was the best we got. Aiden was *a little* hungry. And Addy was *a little* tired. And Mike *might* have murmured under his breath that it was totally ridiculous for me to expect a family photo at that exact moment in time. Whatever.

Uncle Frank and Aunt Cheryl drove in from California, and made it just in time for the recital! (literally just. in. time.) I can't wait to see the pics that Uncle Frank got! I'll post them as soon as I get them. (I will get them, right Uncle Frank?)

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