Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fire Truck Tour

Yesterday (or I think it was actually Monday) Addy and I went to "Jungle Java"- a place that is, in my opinion, WAY overpriced. Next time I'll just take Addison to a nice Mickey D's if she wants a playscape.

Aaanyway. A few firemen came in an announced that they were giving tours of their truck outside! Addy and I ran out, and as soon as they started to talk to Addison, she totally froze up. Typical Addison.

Here she is, keeping her distance.

She did go inside, but wanted out almost immediately. At least she was cooperative with me and willing to pose for a picture :-)


Hza said...

When the fireman says get on the truck, YOU-GET-ON-THE-D*MN-TRUCK!

Sarah said...

My words to her exactly! SHOW SOME RESPECT, KID!