Saturday, August 7, 2010

In Need of a Spa Weekend. Anyone wanna help out with that?

This week was really, really, REALLY rough.

Ima gonna break it down for you.

9-1 Princess Camp. Monday-Friday. Addison is with me. She is very difficult: one day she hit another camper and spit on another camper (was blowing out while sticking her tongue out- intentionally getting the little girl "wet". want to clarify that, because when I say she "spit on another camper", it sounds like she hawked a loogie. It wasn't THAT bad). There were tears every day, asking me to hold her, not listening to me or obeying me, oh, it was very... trying.. Aiden is home with Mike and he is awesome. Takes a bottle like a pro. While I'm at work, I have to pump and leave my assistant alone with 22 princesses and 3 helpers, all under the age of 13. Super stressful.

2-4 Rising Star II Camp. Monday-Friday. Aiden is with me. This is THE WEEK our girls are supposed to learn their competition routines for the upcoming season. I am not feeling inspired or creative and essentially waste an entire week. I have to nurse Aiden right in the middle of camp, forcing me to sit for 20 minutes and causing the girls to completely lose their focus. Takes 20 more minutes to get back on track. Teach them routines but come to the conclusion on Friday that I will have to re-choreograph 75% of everything I taught, and for one dance, change not only the choreography, but the song too.

5:30-7:30 Regular team classes. Wednesday and Thursday. Aiden is with me. Again, forced to nurse and deal with getting the girls back on track. Realize I'm completely out of shape and have no strength at all. Have a hard time executing moves that a year ago were very easy for me.

12:00-4:00 Wednesday and Thursday. I have Aiden and Addison. Addison misses her nap. Is even more fussy than she was during Princess Camp.

8:30am Friday. Mike's car is dead. We jump start it, I let my assistant know I will be late to camp. Get the car going, and I make it as far as the stop sign on our street. Car dies again. We jump start it again and I am VERY late to camp. We spend Wednesday with one car, trading off kids, getting to each of our jobs- camp, mike's workshops, camp, home, classes, ugh.

5:00 on Friday. I am HOME. Open the bottle of wine and *try* to relax. End up downloading music, returning emails and getting ready for fall classes by 7:00 on Friday. Can't. Shut down. Was SO go go go this week that it's nearly impossible for me to NOT be exhausted and stressed at the same time.

I need a hot tub. And a massage. And another glass of wine. And chocolate. And a good night's sleep. Wish me luck. I predict I'll get maybe one of those things. I'll take it... it's better than nothing.


Frank Day said...

You could come out and visit us. We would let you relax in the fish pond with a glass (or bottle) of wine while the little fishies try to suck your troubles out of your toes. Works for me

Julie said...

If you only get one of those things....go with the wine...the sleep will follow after that! ;)