Monday, December 13, 2010

Tremaine and Hyatt Lost Pines

What a great weekend. I always look forward to Tremaine- a weekend full of dance, at a simply amazing hotel (Hyatt Lost Pines).

On Friday night I had an appointment for a massage. (Thanks, Mom, I used the gift card you gave me for my birthday!!) The spa is the nicest spa I've ever been to (not that I have many to compare it to). I love the "quiet room" where you wait for your appointment. The most comfortable robes, relaxing music, hot tea, it's so nice. My massage happened to be THE BEST massage I've ever received (and I DO have a lot to compare it to!). After my massage, I took advantage of the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room.

Mike had the kids up in Melissa's hotel room, hanging out. When I was done with the spa, I headed up to meet them. Addison had already eaten dinner, so Mike and I ordered room service!!! We got a bottle of champagne, to celebrate my birthday, and in addition to dinner, we had the most delicious pineapple upside down cake EVER. It was an AWESOME evening!

Saturday morning I headed down and got everyone ready for convention. I had about 9 girls attend, and all of my staff attended! Once everyone got checked in, I went back up to the room to feed Aiden, and stay with him while he napped. Mike took Addison out exploring the hotel! She made Christmas ornaments, decorated cookies, and had her face painted! He even took Addison swimming in the heated pool- so fun!

Saturday night we went down to the restaurant and had dinner with my staff (minus one- she drove home and back the next morning). We had a great time! I went down after the kids fell asleep and had a drink with Liz and Sarah- it was fun hanging out with them in a non-work environment :-)

On Sunday Addison went into a few classes with me! SO MUCH FUN! She really soaked it all in... it was fun to see. My niece Abigail attended, and was such a little fighter out there! She was one of the youngest (6 years old, dancing with 11 year olds!) and did not hold back one bit. That was amazing to watch as well.

Addison HAD to brush her hair while watching "the big girls".

It was such a wonderful weekend. Can't wait to do it again next year!

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gaga said...

Thanks for sharing! Hope I can go next year!