Saturday, May 22, 2010

Baby Story #2

When I titled the last post about my little visit to the hospital "Baby Story #1", I must've known that there were to be more "scares" before the BIG DAY.

Add this to the list of stories.

Thursday night, I got sick. Not sick enough to call the doctor, just sick enough to not sleep and to be REALLY ANNOYED. Then Friday morning I got really sick. Sick enough to call the doctor. I wasn't keeping any food or liquids down, and was feeling terrible. The nurse said it sounded like I had food poisoning, suggested some meds to take, and told me to call back by 1pm if my symptoms weren't better.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Friday was Addy's birthday?

So, I took Addy to school, went home and took the medicine and slept in between vomiting spells. I had to get cookies to take to school, so ran to Target at the last minute possible. Threw up at Target. Made it to school. Threw up at school. Made it to her class. Threw up in her class. It was really, truly, AWFUL. Has anybody every thrown up at 9 mos pregnant? You can't squat or sit, as you normally would... your belly doesn't allow for that. All you can do is stand. You're welcome for the visual.

Anyway, I called the doctor back, and they told me to come in immediately. I did so, and of course, after one look at me, they sent me across the street to the hospital. I was SO sick. (I'll just mention, too, that they "checked" me in the office, and I'd gone from 2cm on Wed to "almost" 4 on Friday. Yay!)

I went over to the hospital, and got hooked up to a monitor and IV. The severe dehydration was causing me to have contractions that were, no joke, 1-2 minutes apart. And they HURT. I was sure I was going into labor.

At 4:15 I looked at my phone to check the time, and realized that 3 years ago to the very minute, I was delivering Addison, probably no more than 5 doors down the hall. Very surreal. And very emotional. I cried and cried, wishing that I were at home with my baby, and sad that the ONE thing I didn't want to happen was probably going to happen: my babies would share a birthday.

After I had received a bag of IV fluids, the contractions just about stopped completely. I stayed under supervision for a while longer, they made sure the contractions were subsiding, that I wasn't dilating any more, and gave me my discharge papers.

And then, just like that, I was going home.

Addison has her OWN birthday. And we even made it to her party the next day. (more on that soon) Hallelujah!

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Christina said...

Oh my goodness Sarah!! I am so glad you're okay and that baby waited for his OWN birthday!! HUGS!