Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Pictures

Mike "multi-tasking": taking pics with my phone and taking video. Just moments after we got the go-ahead from docs to take pictures.

Mike and a bundle of blankets

My mom and sister, as well as Mike's parents were all waiting in the waiting room for the "ok" to come in and see the newest addition to our family.

Mike's dad has been super excited about having a grandson, and I knew how excited he was to meet Aiden. So I told Mike to have Marshall come in first, and alone, to spend some quality time with his new grand baby.

You could just see in his eyes how much this meant to him, and how much he already loves Aiden.

After Grandpa visited for a while, the rest of the crew came in, including Addison.

Addison almost immediately accidentally scratched Mike in the eye. He later went to the eye doctor and found out he had a scratched cornea and was prescribed antibiotic drops. Still a cute family pic, though :)

Aiden and Grammi and GaGa

I don't have a picture of Auntie Melissa with Aiden. Must've been because she was the one behind the camera for most of the time. :-( Sorry, Auntie.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats you FOUR!! Wow!! Can't wait to see you sometime soon.

Jonathan, Lesley, Silas

We also took a pic off your blog and put it on ours if you don't mind.