Monday, May 3, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Mike scored some free tickets to a Round Rock Express Game somehow. I know that I asked him more than once how he got the tix, but I really don't remember the answer. Bad, bad wife. I do know that we were surrounded by other Deerpark Teachers, so he got them at work. AHA! My detective skills pay off again...

Anyway, if you ask Addison what her favorite part was, she'd say the cotton candy. She really dove in, face first!

This was the point that we decided taking the cotton candy away from her would be wise.

Hugging on her daddy. She loves him so...

I guess the hugging worked. She got more cotton candy!

I wanted her to smile for a pic with her daddy, and this is what I got!

It was a fun evening, for sure! We hope to go back... and hope that Addison's little brother will enjoy it too!


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Great job with the braid....looks like great seats and a great time!