Saturday, November 27, 2010

Get Well Soon...

Grammi, Grandpa, NaNa and PaPa...


Grammi has been sick for almost a week now. Sounds like she's better, but now the rest of the crew is sick!

PaPa has what Grammi had.

NaNa has hurt her shoulder and only has use of one arm.

Grandpa went to the ER with side pain and it looks like he has kidney stones!

They can't seem to catch a break. We had to miss Thanksgiving with them this year :-( Just wanted to mention this to you guys- in case you might want to pray, wish well, send good thoughts... you know- all the good stuff.

Get well soon, guys! We love you!


Casey & Katy Blackburn said...

WOW! Hope good health comes your way...prayers all around. :)


gaga said...

Prayers, good wishes and all the good stuff going their way! It is awful being sick, but it is made worse when you have to miss a holiday because of it!