Monday, September 6, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

The Chronicles of our Labor Day Weekend:

So, we loaded up the car on Friday and headed out the door an hour and a half later than we'd planned. Packing for and traveling with two kids is no joke! The amount of STUFF that we had crammed into our trunk was unreal!

Addison was asking "are we there yet?" before we even made it to the bank down the street. I thought it would be funny to count how many times she asked, but decided that it was NOT FUNNY ANYMORE by the time we got to Georgetown and she'd asked close to 50 times already. No joke.

We arrived at around 5:00 on Friday afternoon and headed straight down to the water park.

At first Addison stayed in the "little kid" part of the park. Here she is on a jet ski. Mike is playing with Jude and Micah.

She knew she was about to have to get out to get ready for dinner and was not very happy about it. She put on a good fake smile for mommy's picture, though.

Aaannnnd, the first the weekend's many meltdowns. She sat on the chair, crying, watching all of the other kids play and swim. I felt kind of mean taking a picture, but it made me laugh.

We all got dressed and headed to dinner. It was a buffet of pretty much everything you could ever imagine. And it cost more than you'd like to imagine. Here are Jude and Micah with their desserts.

Aiden was super happy playing with his feet!

The next day we had plans to meet my Aunt Sharon, her 2 kids (my cousins) and their families, and my Uncle Paul and his kids at the Rainforest Cafe just down the street from the Great Wolf Lodge. So we decided to keep the morning "dry" and hold off on swimming until the afternoon. They have a kids spa at the hotel, so the girls headed down for some pampering.

Their mani/pedi appointments for the day were all booked, all that they had available was facials. Apparently Addison was NOT interested in getting a facial. (I was upstairs with a napping Aiden during all of this). She decided to make an appointment for a mani/pedi for the next day, and just to stand by and observe Abigail's facial.

Check out CUTIE PIE Annalie and her sweet sister Abigail in the background.

BEAUTIFUL Abigail. The "spa" was so cute. Each little girl got to wear a tiara and a robe. They truly made the girls feel special and glamorous!

While the girls got pampered, the boys played in the giant arcade. GaGa got each of the kids a glitter tattoos. Here's Addy's fairy tattoo.

At lunch time we headed out to The Rainforest Cafe to meet my family (on my Dad's side- his brother and sister and their kids and grandkids). The Rainforest Cafe is so cool! Perfect for kids! I didn't get to take any pictures because it's pretty dark inside. It was so nice to see my family and to catch up. It's sad how few and far between our visits are.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel. Addison took a short nap, Mike watched the UT Game (Hook 'em!), then it was time to go back down to the water park for more swimming!! This is the only picture we got from that afternoon :-( Aiden dipped his toes in the water!

For dinner on Saturday, we decided to stay in the room. We ate pizza, then snacked on popcorn and ice cream and watched Iron Man 2. Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Sunday morning we had to check out by 11am, but had all day to continue to enjoy the resort. And enjoy, we did. I had an hour long massage. It was heavenly! Then Addison had her mani/pedi appointment. Ridiculously expensive. I don't want to talk about how expensive. Let's just enjoy the memory through pictures.

After a morning of pampering, it was time to go swimming again! And for all of the nail polish to come off of Addison's fingers and toes!

If you ask Addy what her favorite part of the water park was, she'd say the wave pool. (Mike and Addison are tiny specs in the middle of this picture)

She also really liked the lazy river!

Enjoying lunch outside before heading home. She's smiling because she doesn't know we're heading home.

Aiden was so great all weekend. He's getting so big! And is SO HAPPY!

Whew! What a weekend! We are looking forward to going back when the kids are older. There's so much to enjoy, and not enough time or money to do so! And now, after the long weekend, and the amount of time it took me to post this blog, I'm taking a nap!

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