Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Had TWO MORE (crazy) Dreams

1. Mike and I took Addison and Aiden to the circus. I made sure there wouldn't be any animals at the circus- circus animals (and zoo animals, for that matter) make me sad. So we were getting ready for the circus at Coach and Tammy Taylor's house from Friday Night Lights.

Hold on. I have to address something. If you don't know who Coach and Tammy Taylor are, YOU HAVE TO GO RENT THE FIRST SEASON OF FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. It's only the best show ever and the Taylors are only the best couple ever. I love that show so much. Oh, and Riggins. Yum. Whatever. Just watch it. You won't be disappointed, I promise.

Ahem. We were at the Taylor's house before the circus. Julie was there and so was an old man who I am assuming was Coach's dad. He was getting on Tammy's nerves and Tammy was doing her I do not appreciate you being here, but I'm always gracious and polite, so you'll just have to deal with some very honest facial expressions followed by a sweet smile. Julie was going to school and gave her parents a hug and a kiss. Their house was a mess like ours. Like, not disgusting, but not super clean. I remember thinking, See- now this is why I like Friday Night Lights. It's so REALISTIC!

Yes, I think I might agree with you that I am a crazy person.

SO. Somehow we ended up at the circus. Mike sat with the kids while I went to get snacks. On the other side of the arena. When I was bringing all the food back, I kept walking right into the spotlight at the exact moment the circus was doing audience participation segments. I'd run out of the spotlight, embarrassed that I looked like a gross lady carrying buckets of junk food. Then a clown grabbed me and made me stay in the spotlight. I don't remember what the point of this was, as all I remember doing is standing there. I finally made it back to our section and had to climb over all kinds of people to get to my seat. I ran into one of my old high school friend's husbands- who I've never met, just seen on facebook. He complimented me and told me that Aiden was adorable. Like I didn't know that ;)

2. I took a dance class at a local studio who we directly compete with. I will not share the name of this studio. Sorry.

I took Aiden with me, and the teacher had her baby there too. She commented that all teachers bring their babies to class with them. I agreed. (Take THAT, you know who, for leaving Dance eMotions because you didn't like that I allowed my staff to bring their babies with them!!)

Wow. Anyway. We had an improv exercise in which we were given a natural disaster that we had to convey in dance movements- and the class had to guess what kind of natural disaster it was. I was given earthquake. I did, what I now in waking moments realize was totally NOT COOL and in fact pretty awful, but in my dream, I was totally confident and thought it was AMAZING. I wish I could show you the dance that I did, because I somehow remember most of it. The class pretty much laughed at me.

And that's all I remember of that dream.


gaga said...

Do I have to spring for some therapy?

Sarah said...

It probably couldn't hurt!