Tuesday, July 6, 2010


BIG Bummer.

Addison was supposed to start swim lessons tomorrow, and we were told today by her doctor that she can't swim for at least two weeks.

Rewind... we went to the doctor because...

Addison has been putting her finger in her left ear for a while now "getting the wax out". We kept telling her not to put anything in her ear, even her finger, but something was clearly bothering her, as she kept on doing it. A few days ago, she was swimming and got accidentally kicked in the ear, and ever since then has been periodically complaining that it was hurting.

We took her in today, and they couldn't see anything in the ear because there was so much fluid in the front of the ear canal. So they had to irrigate her ear, to get a better look. The most TRAUMATIC PROCESS EVER, according to Addison. She HATED it. After that, she was hysterical, complaining that her ear hurt. (up until that moment in the office, she was very calm, and said her ear didn't hurt at all). Aaaaaanyway, after the irrigation, the doctor saw more fluid, some inflammation and some blood. She couldn't tell why or what was really going on, couldn't even tell if her tube was still in place, there was so much going on in there, but prescribed some drops that she said would cover a variety of issues that could be contributing to the pain.

Oh, and she told us no swimming for two weeks.

Addison didn't really understand that swim lessons started tomorrow, so she's not affected by this. (effected? GAH, I can NEVER get those two straight). But I am SO, SO, SOOOOOO sad that she will miss these. I just knew how much she was going to love them, and also how good for her they were going to be.

Waah waah waah. Boo hoo. I'm sad.

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