Friday, July 30, 2010


If you are in the majority, and don't like The Real Housewives Franchise on Bravo, this will mean nothing to you. I, however, am in the minority, and love all things Bravo. Any Real Housewives show, I'm there. Top Chef, Kathy Griffin, Work of Art, all of it. I love summertime on Bravo.

So I stumbled across this and found it to be really funny. Maybe you will too, I don't know. It's a clip from the Colbert Report- he had Andy Cohen on, who hosts a Real Housewives after show and knows all things Housewives.



gaga said...

OK, so I haven't want to watch this because I can not tolerate those shows, but wanted a good laugh, and I got one! Thanks for sharing, this is the way all those shows should be done!

Jennifer said...

Ohh Sarah...that was too funny!!! Kelly is such an airheaded bimbo...too bad they didn't do the scene from Ramona's getaway, aka Kelly's breakdown !!! Gonna be stalking your blog, now that I'm not around ;)

Jen Mott