Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Had A Dream

I'm having some crazay dreams these days... decided I'd try to post them. For your entertainment and for my memory.

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

In no particular order...

Dream #1:

Mike, Addy and I were in a cheap motel room. I was totally grossed out. We smelled smoke coming from outside, so went out to investigate. We saw a man using a cheap charcoal grill to make a bomb. (I have no idea). We wanted to call 911, but knew that the man would get angry if he knew that's what we were doing, so we decided to create a distraction by singing "Mary Had A Little Lamb". We successfully called the po-po and started to walk to our car... which, for some reason, was not nearby. We'd been walking for a while when we heard the cop cars arriving, and helicopters and airplanes, too. Then the bomber pulled up to us in his car. The police did the whole "STOP! GET OUT OF THE CAR AND PUT YOUR HAND UP!" deal, and he did. Somewhere around here in the dream, I'm not sure of the exact moment, but somewhere, the bomber turned into Matt Damon. So Matt Damon got out of the car, opened his trunk and pulled out an oozey (oozie? I don't know my guns... but it was HUGE and fired lots of shots in a row). He was shooting at the police airplanes (again, I have no idea) mostly. Mike and I crouched down to protect Addison. I guess Matt Damon ran out of ammo, because they eventually got him.

Dream #2:

Was back in San Angelo (where my dad and grandparents lived while I was growing up). Went out to my grandfather's lake house. It was totally different, and I was SUPER upset about this. The lake didn't even look the same. There were weird islands, and the houses that we used to see across the lake were totally different. For some reason, this upset me, too. (like, REALLY upset me). Anyway, went into town, and somehow ended up on a boat, because I guess in my dream San Angelo had turned into a town on water, or something? It was like some weird amusement park or something. Everyone was dressed in lederhosen and were selling souveniers and turkey legs. I woke up from this dream super sad.

Dream #3:

San Angelo again. Lake house again. This time we were trying to decide how to fix it up to sell it. The house was disgusting. Which really wasn't a crazy part of the dream... in real life, the house was disgusting. Anyway, it dawned on me that Uncle Frank and Cheryl should totally buy the lake house! It made perfect sense! I called Frank, and he agreed, we both were so amused that neither one of us had thought of this before! I left the lake house, was driving in my car and talking to Mike on my phone, when I saw a baby about Aiden's age lying on the side of the road, kicking and squirming. I pulled over to check things out, and when I got out of the car, there were about a dozen other cars pulling over to help as well. So I drove off, knowing everything was fine. (?) I turned into a new neighborhood in San Angelo, one that I had never seen, and spun totally out of control, barely missing 2 houses and a mail box.

That's all for now. Will try to keep this up.

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Frank Day said...

Your chances to ever run for president just disappeared. Wait, if Palen is still viable then nothing is lost here. Simply evidence you would be an "imaginative" leader.