Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Disclaimer: I really don't know who reads this. But if you don't want to hear about breastfeeding and more specifically, my breasts, stop now.

Aiden and I have Thrush. Yuck.

I was wondering why Aiden wasn't feeding well. He kept pulling away from the boob and seemed really uncomfortable. It wasn't just at feeding time that he had been fussy, he's just generally been more fussy all together for the past couple of days. So, upon further review, I noticed some white spots in his mouth today. And started to realize "my breasts have been uncomfortable (read: itchy and burning) lately". I looked thrush up online and excessive gassiness in infants is a symptom too. And, boy, has poor Aiden woken up with bad gas pains lately.

I'm calling the doctor tomorrow. Poor baby. And yes, poor mommy. (see above paragraph, fifth sentence).

Edited to add (because I am a sleep deprived gal who meant to include this in the original post):

I feel like crap. Started last night. Achey, yucky, fever, headache, etc. Today my mom calls and tells me she might have strep throat. And who did I go visit yesterday evening? You guessed it! My mom. So I'm hoping that I just feel yucky and that it's not strep, but if I still feel bad tomorrow I'm calling my doctor.

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Mageetribe said...

Hey Sarah-

I had thrush w/ Aiden and Gracen. After an unsuccessful treatment w/ Nystatin (RX from doc.) I used Gentian violet (picked it up at Whole Foods) w/ Aiden...and then used it right away w/ Gracen. It is awesome!! A little messy...yes...but SO worth the relief, and quick healing. I'm sorry you're hit w/ both right now...praying for you.