Sunday, March 20, 2011


Oh my God. While in Dallas, we ate at the WORST RESTAURANT I have ever, ever experienced.

Chips and salsa: Chips had a funny taste, not sure what... salsa was nothing more than tomato sauce.

Mexican Martinis: dark and cloudy and not good.

Cheese enchiladas: COOKED WITH KRAFT SINGLES. No joke.

The description was cheese sauce instead of queso on any plate that you'd expect queso.

Shrimp wrapped in bacon. Over-cooked, no flavor.

Quesadillas, filled with velveeta-like cheese. Seriously, like a velveeta quesadilla. Yuck!

SOOOOO GROOOS. Mike compared it to an experience he had in New York City. I mean come on, we're still in Texas... there was no excuse for the food we were served.

Strange thing is there there appeared to be regulars there. They definitely had tables filled. So strange.

I have to say, though, that at least Aiden was happy after the meal. Cause none of us were.

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Andrea said...

There is a place in Houston that had the kraft curse as well. barf.

I literally LOLed when I saw your "hell no" label. :-D