Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sleepover Shenanigans

First, I have to say, Melissa has some AMAZING kids. They are just such good kids. I don't want to over-use the word "amazing", but they really are.

We've had a fun time having them sleep over. We looked at Uncle Mike's comic book collection, watched some weird Green Lantern cartoon that the boys enjoyed, went for a long walk to the park, watched UT basketball, ordered Double Daves, had a bath, enjoyed a long story time, watched ANOTHER movie (Barbie and the 12 dancing Princesses, and yes, Jude was okay with this)... all in one afternoon/evening!

Addison had the hardest time falling asleep out of the three kids. Jude fell asleep first. Abbie and Addy both had a difficult time "getting comfortable" and then Addison just got to where she was so tired, every little thing set her off and there were lots of tears... Eventually we got it all worked out. They all slept great and woke up nice and early :-)

Since I am such a super Auntie, I went out and got the kids MCDONALDS for breakfast. You're welcome, Melissa. The girls are now dressed like princesses and everyone is playing with Star Wars toys while Jude and Mike are having a serious discussion about the movie.

I LOVE having cousins so close in age AND proximity! They have such a sweet, special bond and are creating such amazing memories.